La lentille de contact Epicon...

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La lentille de contact Epicon...

Messagede V2F le Sam Aoû 30, 2003 3:02 pm

Cet article est celui de la brochure publicitaire de l'Epicon:
La traduction est en cours... :wink:

Prix de cette lentille: Environ 130 USD.

EpiCon is made from the first mouldable, flexible, gas-permeable contact lens material, Carbosilfocon A.
This innovative contact lens material provides a solution to the ongoing trade-off between the visual acuity and ocular health of a rigid lens and the comfort and convenience of a soft lens.

. GelFlow moulding technology allows for high reproducibility and reliable lenses each and every time.

Clinical investigations of the performance of EpiCon contact lenses in the USA, Canada and Europe have demonstrated excellent optics and effective vision in Keratoconus.

EpiCon's unique design allows fitting with the fewest parameters, while providing a broad number of possible fits. A unique series of curves allow EpiCon to vault the cone with
only faint apical touch and a peripheral alignment fit, providing increased comfort and stability.

EpiCon is a large diameter (13.5mm) moulded, flexible, gas permeable
A larger lens diameter is possible due to the unique design of the lens and the efficient oxygen transmissibility of Carbosilfocon A.


Carbosilfocon A was first developed to oxygenate blood during heart/lung surgery. It provides
the characteristics of good oxygen transmissibility, biocompatibility, and high wettability, while remaining water-free.

Contact lenses made from Carbosilfocon A are designed to provide considerably more comfort than existing gas-permeable lenses, while providing the same acute vision correction.

Specifically, this new material is prepared by inter-penetrating a network of Polymethyl methacrylate with a proprietary block copolymer of Bisphenol A. carbonate and Polydialkylsiloxane. As such, the material incorporates positive oxygen transmission properties.


. A blockcopolymer is a string of sections of polymers.

Inter-penetrating Network

. The Carbosilfocon A inter-penetrating network consists of the block
polymer held together with MMA.

. Comfort graded as good as or better 97% of the time compared with conventional lenses.
. Visual acuity achieved was improved over best corrected VA in 64% of the subiects.
. Visual accuity within one line of best corrected VA for 86% subiects.


. Easier to fit than R.G.P. lenses.
. Visual accuity of a G.P. lens.
. Provides increased comfort and stability.
. Biocompatible material reduces deposition.
. Excellent wettability.


Base Curves 6.20 to 7.60, 0.2 mm steps
Diameter 13.5 mm
Optic Zones 7.0 mm and 8.0 mm
Powers piano to -18.00D
(0.50D steps over -6.00D)
Edge Lift Series Flat, Median, Steep
Material Carbosilfocon A
Colour Blue Visibility Tinted
Dk 52x10-11
Manufacture GELFLOW Moulding Technology


Experts agree that fitting patients who have keratoconus is very time-consuming, cumbersome and often a frustrating experience for both the practitioner and the patient. Improved comfort and better lens stability make EpiCon@ an easier lens for your patients to wear. With EpiCon@, the fitting philosophy is to have only light touch on the apex of the cone and alignment at the lens periphery.
This ensures that, during blinking, most of the pressure is absorbed by the scleral contact.
The semi-scleral nature of the fitting promotes stability and, with the lens edges well inside the lid margins, the lack of lid edge/lens edge contact ensures a high level of comfort.
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